Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Bispecific Antibody by Creative Biolabs

Professionals never cease their interests in studying bi-specific antibody. How much of you know about bispecific antibodies? Bispecific antibodies, BsAbs in short, are bioengineered antibodies that contain two different binding sites within a single molecule, which can specifically bind two different types of antigen.

The most widely used application of bi-specific antibody is in cancer immunotherapy, which creates a therapeutic treatment approach for diseases with specific medical needs.

Compared with traditional antibodies, bispecific antibodies have many advantages. The two arms can bring an antigen-expressing cell in close proximity to a killing cell and thus destroy the tumor cell; the two binding sites can significantly increase affinity or internalization rates of particular antigens on a cell's surface by binding to two different epitopes on an antigen; they usually have a higher cytotoxic potential to bind to antigens with low expression level. Binding tumor cells using a bi-specific antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) also holds great promise for the future development of therapeutics for a variety of diseases.

With the development of antibody engineering, many types of bispecific antibodies have been designed to enable short half-life, immunogenicity and side-effects caused by cytokine liberation. They include tri-functional antibodies, chemically linked Fabs, and various types of bivalent and trivalent single-chain variable fragments (scFvs), fusion proteins mimicking the variable domains of two antibodies. The furthest developed of these newer formats are the bi-specific T-cell engagers (BiTEs) and mAb2's, antibodies engineered to contain an Fcab antigen-binding fragment instead of the Fc constant region. 

As a leader in the field of antibody engineerin, Creative Biolabs has developed CeativeAbTM antibodies in order to increase the efficacy of current therapeutic antibodies.

Various Types of bispecific antibodies Creative Biolabs offers:
u  Tri-functional antibodies and chemically linked Fabs
u  Bivalent,and Bispecific scFvs (tandem scFv, diabodies)
u  Bi-specific T-cell engagers (BiTEs) 
u  scFv-Fab Fusion Proteins

Based on various antibody formats such as IgGs, Fabs and scFvs, Creative Discovery PlatformTM of Creative Biolabs provides a series of bispecific antibodies to satisfy various needs from its customers. It provides construction, including expression and purification as well as recombinant antibody production at scales, ranging from hundreds of micrograms to grams level. 

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