Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Choosing High-yield Vector System to Generate Stable Cell Lines

Stable, long-term expression of a gene of interest via stable cell lines can be either achieved by self-devotion based on vast investment of time and money, or delivering it to professional commercial biotech companies based on skilled cell culture scientists and follow-up trouble shooting and letting you free the time to be focused on more important projects or procedures. If you are facing the question, which one will you choose? 

Whatever the out coming answer is, to know a more option is always worthy. 

Creative Biolabs has developed a unique series of high-yield vector system, in which two GC-rich regions flanking the gene expression cassette makes the promoter and enhancer continuously exposed to transcriptional machinery by preventing chromatin condensing. This revolutionary ground-breaking technology allows the available highest yields in all common mammalian cell protein production host cell lines, such as 293, CHO and NSO. 

With this vector system, antibody yields of up to 2.0- 5.5 grams/liter [80-120pg/cell/day] have been achieved in chemically defined, animal component-free medium. The selection strategy has been designed to identify cell lines that are highly productive and have the ability to grow well in suspension culture in a state-of-the-art, fed-batch fermentation process, in which cell density can reach 1.5×107/mL.

·         Stable cell line generation fulfilled by skilled cell culture scientists
·         Save time and money
·         Eliminate wasteful and time-consuming errors
·         A whole package of services, from Culture Conditions, Transfection Method, specific Experimental Outline, Protocol for Batch Culture, Limiting Dilution to Post Transfection etc. 

Besides this, Creative Biolabs is also specialized in Engineered Bacterial construction and large scale fermentation. Take one of the company’s specific bacterial expression vector— pCD-Bac—for example, it is a temperature-inducible prokaryotic expression vector that contains a PRPL promoter, cIts857 gene [temperature-sensitive CI repressor], multiple cloning sites and two strong transcription terminators. With genetic codons optimized into that bacterial preference, this vector enables high-yield protein expression of most proteins in the host bacterial strain Escherichia coli DH5α when its propriety fermentation protocol is employed using NLF-22 fermentor (Bioengineering).
As I have said in the first place, there is no need to spend your valuable time and resources on the time-consuming processes required for stable cell line generation.  Just contact the professional outsourcing company!

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