Monday, March 23, 2015

Accelerate Your Research through Unique Membrane Protein Service

Creative Biolabs is always proud of providing innovatively designed services to propel clients’ researches. Now we practice this principle on membrane protein service again. Unlike conventional over expression techniques with limiting features on several aspects, Creative Biolabs offers different membrane protein expression methods to fulfill the customers' demands.

The alternative expressions of membrane protein make Creative Biolabs outstanding from peer companies:

l   Cell-based Expression (Native Conformation)
Our innovative cell-based expression technologies can best preserve the native conformation of membrane proteins. A wide range of service is provided based on this technology for production, extraction, solubilization, purification, stabilization and crystallization of functional membrane proteins/antigens. 

l   Cell-free Expression (Functional Membrane Protein)
The cell-free expression enables the embedding of membrane proteins in liposomes (bilayer vehicles and planars) directly during the translation step to allow the production of active

l   Virus-like Particles (VLPs)
Expression of viral envelope or capside proteins results in self-assembly of virus-like particles (VLPs). A good possibility to produce membrane proteins in correct functional conformational manner, is to express these proteins in composition of VLPs. VLPs could be used for different approaches, e.g. vaccine development, investigation of receptor functions, screening of antibodies, for immunization and also for purification of different membrane proteins. 

Using these expression systems, we have successfully expressed different types of membrane proteins such as GPCRs, ion channels, porins, viral proteins, transporters, drug receptors, etc. In addition, we provide a centralized area for application of expression and scale-up production of membrane proteins, their purification and characterization.

With our services based on innovative strategies, we keep ourselves being updated all the time to work closely with our consumers and meet their demands. We have been, and will always be committed on accelerating our clients business via better performance .

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This is written by Victoria, the editor of Creative Biolabs, a global life science company that is excellent in providing proteinic custom service through its complete system and wealth experienced staff team.

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