Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Technological Breakthrough on Creative Biolabs’ Yeast Display Services

Yeast display is a protein engineering technique widely used for in vitro protein evolution. Libraries of polypeptides displayed on the surface of yeast are screened using flow cytometry. Yeast is superior to phage for human antibody display in that the eukaryotic expression environment of yeast cells is more suitable for human protein folding, modification and translocation for display. Therefore, the yeast displayed antibodies are conformationally and functionally more close to human native counterparts.

Creative BioLabs has achieved a breakthrough of unique yeast display technology (UltraffTM) for updating its Yeast Display Services. It invented UltraffTM Yeast Display Technology as a novel technology for discovery and affinity maturation of fragment antibody, i.e., scFv and Fab, through the screening of an antibody library displayed on yeast surface.

The advantage of UltraffTM Yeast Display Technology is that antigen-binding yeast cell population can be easily sorted using Fluorescence Assisted Cell Sorting (FACS). This enables yeast display very efficient for affinity maturation because in additional to the antigen concentration management and stringent washing used in phage display, FACS is more efficient in direct sorting of higher affinity populations.

Creative Biolabs is also proud of a proprietary yeast transformation technique that guarantees up to 2×108transformants per transformation. Previously, the low transformation efficiency of yeast cells significantly restrained the utilization of yeast display for antibody discovery. A typical efficiency of 105 transformants per transformation was nearly impossible to yield large size (>109) libraries, which in turn, were hard to give rise to high affinity antibodies due to the limited diversity.With this yeast cell transformation technique, UltraffTM Yeast Display Technology is now very efficient for high-affinity antibody discovery and antibody affinity maturation.
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This is written by Victoria, the editor of Creative Biolabs, a leading custom service provider that is expert in conducting yeast display as well as other discovery services.

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